We recently supplied a home in Bolton MA, with 10 yards of brick sand for their huge wooded sandbox. The customer has commented on how soft the sand is and how much the kids are enjoying it. They sent us a few pictures just to show us how excited their kids are and the size of the area is that they call a “sandbox”. More like sandpit.

If you are thinking of a low budget project this summer for the kids, a sandbox is a great way to go. It’s environmentally friendly, safe, and gives the feeling of being at the beach. Make it more exciting by adding seated backhoes, lots of sand and water toys and surround the area with large New England Stones. Some people even add plantings such as long grasses around them to give them a tropical feel. This family even created a stone bonfire pit on one side of the sandpit for evening campfires and cookouts!

Whatever your sandbox ideas might be, we can provide you with quality sand your kids will enjoy thoroughly!!


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