Remove the debris.

Start your clean-up  by collecting branches and scattered sticks.  Find out if there’s a nearby drop-off location you can deliver your debris to.

Rake dead leaves and twigs.

Thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds and find out whether your town will be making special arrangements to collect bagged leaves.

Prune and trim.

Prune back weather-worn bushes and hedges as well as any perennials that look overgrown. Trim damaged tree limbs and branches that you can reach, and make arrangements for a professional tree-trimmer to take care of the rest.

Map out landscaping and garden plans.

If you’re going to make any changes to your current landscaping, make a sketch of your lawn indicating what sort of trees, shrubs, or plants you’d like to add.

Start planting.

Any plants, trees or shrubbery hearty enough to survive early spring’s still-cool nights can be put in the ground now.  Some of your plants may have died during winter so replace them with new ones. Make sure you spread plenty of mulch, get the grounds covered and nourished before you plant.

Check your tools and equipment.

So will need to start irrigating the yard and making the garden pretty again so check all your tools and equipment to make sure everything is in good shape. Make sure there aren’t any leaks in your garden hose.

Clean and organize your storage shed.

It’s time for spring cleaning so take everything out and reorganize all your garden tools. Reduce the clutter by storing away all the winter equipment.

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